Sunday, June 20, 1999

This past weekend was a busy one. We hung out with Jeff and his wife Amy and Craig. On Saturday, we went to see the new Austin Powers movie. Jen liked all the references to the James Bond movies*. I didn't catch as many of them. It was cute, but a bit bizarre. We actually both enjoyed it. After the movie we went across the parking lot to browse through Pier 1 Imports and check out all the things we wanted, but couldn't afford. We did find the perfect gift for Tod come Christmas.

We all headed back to Jeff and Amy's house to eat Kabobs. I had marinated the meat overnight. We also used Mesquite chips on the grill. Lots of wonderful smells and great food. Amy's mom also joined us for dinner. She brought the snacks. Jen and I both pigged out. We had chocolate cream cheese pie for desert. Yum.

On Sunday Jen and I went to church at St. Philips. We both like the 11:15 service because we can still sleep in. The organist, John Hooker, played some Messiaen for the prelude. Great stuff. (You know I wrote a paper in college on Olivier Messiaen.) We ate lunch and returned to the church for an afternoon benefit concert. The concert was for the Episcopal Community Services Refuge Project. The money is helping relocate Kosovar refugees here in Tucson. The pianist was Dr. Deborah Nemko. She did a pretty good job. Her playing had a lot of expression and technical merit. She did have a couple memory slips in the first half. It actually made Jen and I very uncomfortable. We were both worried she would forget where she was. It was very nerve racking. She obviously knew the works on the second half. The second half went smoother. She played Beethoven Pathétique Sonata, Chopin Ballade in F Minor, Op. 52, Ravel Le Tombeau de Couperin and finished with Alberto Ginastera Sonata Op. 22, No. 1. The Ginastera was a great piece. Very exciting and rhythmic.

Jen and I are off to Disneyland this weekend. It is our first anniversary and we're going to spend it goofing off and having fun. We're staying at the Disneyland
. Should be a treat.

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