Sunday, January 10, 2010

Great Grandmom's Funeral

This weekend we travelled down to Delmar, MD/DE for the funeral of Great Grandmom (Jen's Grandmom) - Virginia Carr. She died on Wednesday, January 6 around 1pm. She was 96.

We left CT on Thursday night and travelled down the Havre de Grace for the night. Grandmom was not at the house - so we had the whole house to ourselves. It was cold, but we got the heat going. Adam had a really bad night sleeping, but otherwise was a good night.

The next morning we scavenged in the fridge, but there was not much to eat. So we got dressed and headed out to breakfast in Elkton at the Cracker Barrel.

We travelled down to Delmar on Friday. We arrived around 2pm and went over to Great Grandmom's apartment. Grandmom and Gampa had had been staying there.

After a bit we headed to the hotel. We had booked a suit room at the Holiday Inn Express in Delmar. Room to spread out and put all our stuff.

Grandmom and Gampa went and picked up Uncle Jerry and Aunt ReneƩ at the airport. We all then met at the church with the preacher and went over a few things and shared some memories of Great Grandmom.

We stopped back at the apartment. Adam had fun playing with Great Grandmom's offering envelopes. He delivered them around the room to everyone.

Saturday morning was the funeral. We got ready and headed to the funeral home around 9:30. The Luckily they had a couple toys to keep the girls occupied. Adam spent his time making laps around the various rooms. Uncle Jonathan had also arrived over night.

The coffin was open and the girls were not excited about going in. Erin decided she wanted to see so Dada and Erin went up to the open coffin. Emma did not want to go up.

At 10am lots of other people arrived. Gampa Earl and Dolly came over from Ocean City. Everyone talked and Adam continues to make laps.

For the funeral, the girls sat with Momma. Adan tried to sit, but Dada had to take him out really soon into the funeral. Dada and Adam listened from the outer room and played with the drawing toy. The girls were extra good and say with Momma.

Dada helped carry the coffin to the car and then we all road over to the graveyard - St. Stephen's Cemetery. Adam fell asleep in the car - so we left him there. It was very cold and snow lay on the ground - so the internment was pretty short.

Great Grandmom buried right off the middle road into the cemetery (on the East side) in the Robbins plot. The Robbins (her maiden name) and the Carr tombstone are right next to each other.

After the funeral, the church fed us lunch. The girls ate up. Adam continued to sleep. Adam slept in the stroller in the hallway the entire lunch.

In the afternoon we all went back to Great Grandmom's apartment and spent time with family. In the evening we all had pizza at Delmar Pizza. We said goodbye to Uncle Jonathan - he had to fly back early in the next morning. We then went back to Great Grandmom's apartment and spend a final few hour with the grandparents and Uncle Jerry and Aunt ReneĆ©.

Dada found Great Grandmom's hat and the girls modelled them. Emma also helped Momma look through some jewelry. Emma looked through a lot of photo albums.

This morning we are travelling back to CT - all the way. We'll probably stop in DE or on the way depending on how the travel goes.

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