Saturday, March 25, 2006

Boo Hoo doesn't open until April 8. So much for our plans on Monday. Luckily we did not advertise L-E-G-O-L-A-N-D to Emma prior to discovering this. Daddy is sad.

The Mid-Way Point

Today we're doing fun stuff like laundry, bath time and naps at Jonathan's house. He's away at a volleyball tournament while we stay home and relax.

Yesterday we drove to Köln (Cologne) for the day to visit the Kölner Dom (Cologne Cathedral). It was very big, chilly, and had lots to see. We went to the Antiquities Museum and saw some Roman walls, relics and other golden things. Daddy liked the newer organ that was suspended up on the air halfway down the main length of the building. He didn't know how he would have been able to play it since it looked like it might be easy to fall. He asked - how do you tune it?

We also went across the street to the main train station in Cologne and saw lots of busy trains coming and going under the giant curved glass cieling. Emma wanted to get on a train and go some where. We were tempted, but kept her.

We had parked at the Hilton hotel parking garage which was a great idea. They had nice bathrooms and nice comfy chairs to sit and feed Erin. We took advantage of the hotel even with the higher garage rate.

We had a real pub lunch of bratwurst and potato salad.

On the drive back at one point Erin did her thing and generated a giant poopy while we were in the car. Luckly for us, we ran into a traffic jam. We came to a dead stop and waited giving us a chance to change the poopy. Just as we got her back in the seat, things started to move again. Good timing.

Erin didn't want to go back to sleep - she wanted to eat - but the traffic was still slow so Jonathan got to hear what Erin can really sound like when she's mad at us. Eventually she gave up and went back to sleep. (We know Erin can survive on more than 2 hours between feedings.)

That evening we met a friend of Jonathans and went out for ice cream. Emma had gelato to make sure we didn't break out ice cream rule. Daddy ate her wipped cream because she didn't like it.

On Thursday (the day before) we went into Heidelberg for the day. Jonathan dropped us off and had to go to work. We ate American breakfast at a diner inside an old railroad car. We road the tram from the train station into the center of town. Emma road in the squeaking stroller and Erin was wrapped up in the carrier harness. We strolled through the streets, bought some chocolate and other toys. We got to the castle, but the incline railway was "under renovations" so we had to walk up. Emma was a trooper and we all walked up the long long long ramp. We toured the castle, and then walked back down a side alley. We found another bus back to the center of town and had a nice lunch. Finally we took a tram back out of town to meet Jonathan.

We tend to spend a lot of time eating breakfast, coffee, danish, lunch - any excuse to take a load off our feet, change diapers and/or feed Erin.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Germany Trip

We're here in Hiedelberg with Uncle Jonathan. Emma's sitting here playing snowboard 1080 on Jonathan's Game Cube with the wireless gamepad. Jen's learning about the two buttons on the toilet. Erin's charming Uncle Jonathan. Mark's ready to go back to sleep.

The play ride was nice. Emma was a schemer. They were coming around the drinks. Mark talked to Emma about what she would ask for. They agreed she would ask for Orange Juice. We practiced speaking nice and loud. She came to our seats and asked Emma what she wanted and Emma announced soda.

Erin spent a majority of the plain ride flirting with the guy in the seat next to her, dreadlocks and all.

Jonathan picked us up at the airport with no problems and we drove really fast back to his house.

Erin slept. The rest of us did not. We just woke up at noon here in Jonathan's house.

We're all looking at our guidebook this morning but getting hungry.

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