Saturday, November 26, 2005

We had Thanksgiving at Uncle Tod's house this year. Holly, Tod and Morgan have been hosting Gampa Earl, Aunt Lucinda, Uncle Davinder, Austen, Beerinder, Janet, Heather & Zack along with us. It's been a house full w/ 4 little girls, 2 of them still babies. The babies have actually been good, with periods of no crying to be heard.

Uncle Tod and Aunt Holly cooked thanksgiving dinner. There was turkey (brimed - yum), a chestnut stuffing, creamed spinach, mashed potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes with toasted paprika, peas, cranberry gelatin, and a hole lot of succotash. Emma got her own place at the table with her own name card. She got to sit between Daddy and Aunt Heather.

Emma likes the peas and the turkey. Daddy made pumpkin cheesecake and lemon cheesecake. Emma likes the lemon and Mommy likes the pumpkin.

Emma found it hard to be the "big girl" in the house especially since the younger girls were not ready to play with her on her terms. Emma was really nice to her baby sister and younger cousins. Morgan had her family birthday party and got some cool presents. She did a good job opening them even when Emma had to help a little.

Erin was a good baby and enjoyed being held by all her relatives.

Daddy had a pretty bad cold and talked in a strange voice most of the time.

Daddy, Mommy, Emma and Erin got to sleep in Morgan's room (which Emma referred to as "My Room"). Emma got to sleep in the modified crib with one side removed. She slept all night without falling out. Erin got to sleep in a Moses bed and Mommy and Daddy had the air mattress. This was nice accommodations considering the number of people in the house. Uncle Tod had even setup a tent inside in the library.

We got the first set of pictures of all 4 cousins together.

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