Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Germany Trip

We're here in Hiedelberg with Uncle Jonathan. Emma's sitting here playing snowboard 1080 on Jonathan's Game Cube with the wireless gamepad. Jen's learning about the two buttons on the toilet. Erin's charming Uncle Jonathan. Mark's ready to go back to sleep.

The play ride was nice. Emma was a schemer. They were coming around the drinks. Mark talked to Emma about what she would ask for. They agreed she would ask for Orange Juice. We practiced speaking nice and loud. She came to our seats and asked Emma what she wanted and Emma announced soda.

Erin spent a majority of the plain ride flirting with the guy in the seat next to her, dreadlocks and all.

Jonathan picked us up at the airport with no problems and we drove really fast back to his house.

Erin slept. The rest of us did not. We just woke up at noon here in Jonathan's house.

We're all looking at our guidebook this morning but getting hungry.

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