Saturday, July 09, 2005

This morning we tried to get all of our wet gear into the car and headed back to Burlington.

We got on board a train trip from Burlington to Shelburne on the Green Mountain Railway. It was sorta a let down since there was not much to see, but it was a train ride.

We had lunch at Shanty on the Shore which had some nice seafood. Mark and Emma ate fish and chips. Jen has calamari.

We arrived early to our B&B, The Elliot House. Anne and George were really nice to us and gave us a place to dry out. We also used their drier.

We went over to Shelburne Farms and Emma got to chase chickens around the yard.

We had a really nice dinner at Pauline's Cafe. This was the best meal of the trip. Emma had cheesy noodles. It was a $20.00 meal well worth the $20.00.

We had a nice evening at the Elliot House. Mark played some Bach on the piano.

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