Sunday, July 10, 2005

Today we had a fun morning at the Vermont Teddy Bear Company. It was really a nice place. Emma got a new doggy named Emily. She put a heart and a wish inside and then they stuffed it and sewed it up. The tour was also fun.

We then travelled down US 7 to Middlebury, then over VT 125 to Hancock. We had lunch at the Old Hancock Hotel.

After lunch we went down VT 100 to Rochester to visit the Gillespie's who we knew from St. Philip's in Tucson. They have a house in VT and visit Tucson during the winter. The house and land were wonderful. He built and designed the house himself.

We then when back VT 73, and then south on US 7 to MA. We stayed the evening at the House on Main Street in Williams, MA.

It was quite. Probably the most expensive and least impressive of the B&B's we stayed at.

We went to Chopsticks for dinner. Mark has sushi and Emma and Jen had fried rice.

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